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When We Were lost in The Tiger Reserved Area in a Dark Night

This is a true experience of my journey to the Jim Corbett National park in Uttarakhand, India

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On the way to Jim Corbett
I can bet that it was the most adventurous journey I’ve done so far while passing through national park at around 2 am in night with my colleagues and we all were youngsters except the driver. And we were just lost in the dark wood, didn’t even know from which side we could be attacked if we stepped outside the car in with the noising river flowing in the wood. We were far and ahead from our other colleagues who were following us in the other cabs.
It was our official meet & weekend trip to Jim Corbett, the famous National Park in India.
We all decided to reach there in four cabs, Zylo and Tavera from Dehradun Office branch. The distance of Jim Corbett from Dehradun is 265 - kms - 6 hrs by Car.
We started for the trip in morning at 4:30, after crossing Haridwar by 5:15 we reached Kotdwar around 9 o’clock in night. Kotdwar is the midpoint from where the Hill area starts to two different places, RamNagar in Kumaon Garhwal and Sendhikhal in Pauri Garhwal which are in opposite direction but their boundaries meet at the Jim Corbett which so wide spread and its half part is under Kumaon & other is in Pauri Garhwal region. It was growing dusk and we were all so excited as to spend our weekend holidays somewhere in the lap of nature free from the busy days in office.
It was pre planned that we would enter to the Jim Corbett from Sendhikhal (Pauri). It was now 11:20 when we were passing through the dense wood area. Actually this there are so many villages in that area Sendhikhal is one of them too.
It was surely our first trip to Jim Corbett and we had assumed that we’re going to enter in the Jim Corbett via RamNagar. But the when we chose for the route via Sendhikhal then I didn’t know that I would be passing by my village.
The twist in the story came we reached Sendhikhal and from that in a 20 kms of distance a place called Dhautiyal (Which is known as a dangerous one and known as Tiger Reserved Are). From this place there are two roads splits one goes to the upward direction to my village and second one reaches to the Jim Corbett. Well, we drove ahead for almost 30 kms from that point. But when we came to realized about the situation it was already too late. And as we were leading to all so they all just followed us in that wrong route.
We were lost because it was dark and we couldn’t get the right path in that place. As far as for my acknowledgement I’ve to my village many times and I didn’t ever heard that the Jim Corbett is near my village so I asked my colleagues to not to move this direction but a guy who was on satellite phone were connected to our Boss the Director of the company who was at that time was about to reach in morning. Well were just condemning to that guy who was with the satellite phone was trying to lead us even after being unfamiliar to this mountain area.
So after realizing our mistake we all took u-turn and moved back to that point called fork from where we had to head toward the Jim Corbett.
So now while we all were on our way back to that point our cab suddenly came to a halt, we all said, “What happened bro,?”, The Driver Replied, “Just look at ahead.”
Our eyes were wide opened when we saw a herd of wild boar in one the left side ahead our cab...

...... Rest of the stories will be told later..
Take a Safari in Jim Corbett

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